I understand that in receiving an Academic Renewal adjustment to my cumulative GPA:
*An "Academic Renewal" notation will be made on my student records and transcript;
*My cumulative GPA will be adjusted, courses with grades of D and F removed from your GPA will appear in parentheses on your permanent record;
*An Academic Renewal adjustment will be granted only once and cannot be revoked;
*The granting of Academic Renewal cannot affect any previous academic, financial, or administrative decision made by the College.
I believe that I meet all of the following eligibility requirements for "Academic Renewal" and hereby petition to have my cumulative grade point average (GPA) adjusted accordingly:
1.  I have been separated from JSRCC for at least 5 years (60 consecutive months).
2.  I have attempted at least 12 semester credits at JSRCC since my 5 year absence.
3.  I have earned at least a 2.5 GPA using letter grades (A, B, C, D or F) in my first 12 semester credits at JSRCC since my five year absence.
4.  I have been enrolled at JSRCC at least one semester since May 1994.