Request for an Evaluation of a VCCS Transcript

Note: Transcripts are evaluated for the current plan of the student. Evaluations are not completed for non-degree seeking students. If you need to have a transcript evaluated for pre-requisite completion, please email a copy of the transcript to

By submitting this request, I understand the following:
  • Only courses that apply to the declared major indicated on my student record will be transferred.  I will need to submit another request form if I change my major and would like a re-evaluation for the new major.
  • Grades do not transfer and thus will not affect my GPA at JSRCC. 
  • Only credit courses with a grade of 'C' or higher will transfer.
  • Grades of 'S', 'P' and the like will not receive transfer credit unless the transcript legend or other official documentation indicates that this form of grade is equivalent to a 'C' or higher.
  • This request covers courses that are a part of the record at the time of the request.  Another request will be needed for additional courses taken after this request.
  • When reviewing your transcript, the transfer class will show a "T" grade, which indicates the class(es) transferred.